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Ask a Support Coordinator: Changes to NDIS Plan Reviews
Ask a Support Coordinator: Changes to NDIS Plan Reviews
7 February 2023

In July 2022 the NDIA introduced some changes to the way that plan reviews work. With these changes in place, there is also some new language and terminology to help to prevent confusion especially about different kinds of “reviews”.

The table below provides an easy comparison of what has changed when it comes to plan reviews and what it means for you.

What the NDIA call it

What the NDIA used to call it

What does mean for you?

Reassessment date of a participant’s plan

  • Review date of a participant’s plan
  • End date of a participant’s plan
  • Every NDIS plan includes a ‘reassessment date’. 
  • We need to look at the plan with you by this date and decide if any changes are needed.
  • If a plan reaches its reassessment date before the reassessment is completed, the current plan will be varied to extend it by 12 months so you can continue accessing supports.

Plan reassessment (Participant or Agency initiated)

  • (Full) plan review
  • Scheduled or unscheduled review
  • Change of Circumstances (CoC) review
  • S48 review

You can ask for a reassessment at any time.

  • When we conduct a reassessment, we can decide to create a new plan or vary the current plan, depending on your situation.
  • You can read more about plan reassessments below

Plan variation

  • ‘Light touch’ plan review
  • Plan extension, rollover or continuation
  • New plans with similar supports and new plans with minor changes
  • Under the NDIS Act, there are some situations where we can ‘vary’ a plan without a full reassessment.
  • You can ask for a variation at any time.
  • If we do a variation, you will receive a copy of the varied plan within 7 days.

Internal review of decision

  • S100 review
  • Review of reviewable decision (RORD)
  • Participants can ask for a review of our decisions.
  • If a participant is not happy with the outcome of this review, they can also ask the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to review our decision.


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