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Can the NDIS help me find a job?
Can the NDIS help me find a job?
15 October 2021

As NDIS registered providers of Plan Management and Support Coordination, we’re here to help NDIS participants get the most of out their plans. Your NDIS funding should support you to meet the goals that you have set out in your plan, finding a job is an example of an NDIS goal. The NDIS can also help you to maintain your current job or change jobs.

How can the NDIS help me find a job?

There are different ways that the NDIS can help you find a job, depending on your individual situation. Some of these might include:

  • Help to overcome employment barriers
  • Counselling to successfully engage in employment
  • Workplace assessments
  • Help with resume writing
  • Support before and during a job interview


What is the funding category?

The above ways that the NDIS can provide support to find a job, fall within your Capacity Building support budget, under the support category Finding and Keeping a Job. If one of your goals is to find employment then you must mention this in your planning meeting so that you can receive reasonable and necessary supports to help you achieve this.

What type of job would I like?

Do you want to work but are unsure what the right job for you is and don’t know where to start? Answering the questions below might help you with some ideas, talking the answers through with people in your support network is a good idea.

  • Do you have any interests / or hobbies that could lead to employment?
  • What kind of environment would you like to work in? For example an office, outdoors, in a service environment (such as a store or café) and so on.
  • Do you have / need skills or qualifications relating to your area of interest?
  • Are you looking to develop a new skill or gain qualifications to work in your area of interest?
  • Do you like to work as part of a team or do you prefer to work alone?
  • Do you want to work close to home or are you happy to travel?

Working through these questions can help to clear your head and work out what type of job would suit you best.

What happens once I find a job?

Once you have found a job, the NDIS can still provide support for you in the workplace if they are reasonable and necessary supports. Some workplace supports the NDIS can cover:


  • Personal supports while at work, such as a support worker
  • Transport (to and from work)
  • On the job training to help you manage the demands of your job
  • Support to help you in the workplace environment such as building modifications, employment-specific aids or equipment, computers and modified desks
  • Employment related assessments and counselling


How your Plan Manager can help

When you are plan managed you can access supports from both NDIS registered and non-registered providers which gives you more choice when looking for support to help you find a job. This might include private career counsellors, professional coaches and recruitment specialists.


We’re here to help

At InFocus, our team of Brisbane based Plan Managers are here to help you get the most out of the NDIS journey. Learn more about InFocus Plan Management:

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