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What does a Plan Manager do?
15 October 2020

You may already know that Plan Management is one of the four ways that you can choose to manage your NDIS plan. The others being self-managed, NDIA (or Agency) Managed or a combination of these. There are a number of benefits when you are Plan Managed; it’s the only option that allows you to choose from registered and non-registered NDIS providers but you don’t have to manage the financial administration of your plan. To understand what a Plan Manager does, let’s first take a look at what Plan Management is.

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management is described as a “financial intermediary” support.

The role of your Plan Manager

This means that your Plan Manager connects you (the NDIS participant), your providers and the NDIA. Your Plan Manager is a third party whose role it is to communicate with service providers and receive and pay invoices on your behalf, invoices can be received directly from providers or passed on from you, the participant.

Your Plan Manager will claim money from relevant budget categories on the NDIA portal so that if you are Plan Managed, you do not need to access the NDIA portal. At your request, your Plan Manager should also be able to send monthly financial reports so that you can understand how much of your budget has been spent.

Why choose InFocus?

We have been supporting people with disability and their families for over 70 years. Over this time, the services and supports that we provide have evolved to meet the growing needs of people with disability. Today, our team of Brisbane based Plan Managers understand the NDIS and how to support participants to get the most out of their plan.

Further information

To get further information on InFocus Plan Management and find out how our Brisbane based Plan Managers can support help you to get the most out of your plan,  simply call 1800 928 437 or email

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