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How can I get Plan Management?
6 October 2020

If you are just starting out on your NDIS journey, or you may be some way into your plan but you are not happy with how it’s being managed, Plan Management with InFocus could be a better option for you. Plan Management is one of the four ways that you can manage your NDIS plan.

What are my options?

You have four options to choose from, they are:

Plan Management - you are managed by a registered NDIS provider like InFocus
Self-managed - you manage your own funds
Agency managed - the NDIA manage your funds on your behalf
combination of the above

How do I get a Plan Manager?

If you think that Plan Management is the best option for you, at your planning meeting, let the NDIA know that you would like a Plan Manager to support you. Funding will be included in your plan to pay for a Plan Manager. This funding is separate from other services and supports in your budget. 

If you are part-way through your plan and you want to change to Plan Management, you can. Contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to discuss how you can include Plan Management in your plan. 

Next steps

Once you have connected with a Plan Manager, you will need to get a service agreement in place. A service agreement outlines:

  • the services to be provided 
  • how these services will be provided
  • how long they will be your plan manager. 

What if I’m not happy with my current Plan Manager?

If you already have a Plan Manager but you would like to switch to another NDIS registered Plan Management provider, you need to notify your current Plan Manager. They should provide information about your plan and help you to change.

Further information

To find out more about InFocus Plan Management and how we can support you on your NDIS journey, simply fill in our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch. Or call us on 1800 928 437 to chat to one of our friendly team.



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